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Diversity: Travelling can be so diverse.

The nostalgic funicular leisurely drives past peacefully grazing cows. Little later, the state-of-the-art CabriO cableway floats towards an almost 2,000 metres high summit. In Switzerland, one does not have to choose one or the other. Here, historic and modern means of transportation go hand in hand.

Also, public transport is not just about taking passengers from A to B. It also offers numerous adventure lines that turn the journey into its own reward. A ride on the Chocolate train, a dinner in the panoramic cabin of a cableway called the “restaurant in the sky”, or a family outing on the children’s train “Globi Express” create unforgettable memories for young and old.

The rich variety of public transport in Switzerland demonstrates what the locals have long known it actually is: innovative, traditional, eventful.