Bernina Express bus operation during off-peak season

Bernina Express Bus Tirano

As of 2018, the Bernina Express Bus extends its operating times. The bus service on the route between Tirano and Lugano now starts already on 15 February 2018.

Whether as a grand opening or a glorious culmination: The spectacular Alpine crossing on the Bernina Express can be prolonged by means of the Bernina Express Bus (Tirano-Lugano).

The new operating times are:

  • 15 February to 01 April 2018: from Thursday to Sunday (off-peak season)
  • 02 April to 28 October 2018: daily (peak season)
  • 01 to 25 November 2018: from Thursday to Sunday (off-peak season)

Seat reservations are required in advance on the Bernina Express Bus.

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