Eiger Express: Inauguration of the new V-Cableway

47 minutes faster to the Jungfraujoch, Europe’s highest train station – this will already apply from the inauguration of the new V-Cableway on 05 December 2020, and thus earlier than planned.

The mega project in the Jungfrau region owes its name to its v-shaped routing. From the valley station in Grindelwald, a 10-person cableway leads up to the Männlichen (this part has been in operation since December 2019). From there, the 3S-Cableway (tricable technology) takes visitors directly to the Eiger Glacier in only 15 minutes. Thanks to the so-called “Eiger Express”, the travel time from Interlaken to the Jungfraujoch is reduced from 2 h 17 min to a mere 1 h 30 min. A gain across the board.


The tricable gondola system combines all the advantages of an aerial gondola and an aerial tramway. Due to the double carrier cable, it can be run across great lengths with a small number of support towers while still being very stable in the wind. For the Eiger Express, only seven support towers have to be built over the entire length of 6,483 metres. This preserves the landscape and no forest paths are required. This system harmoniously blends the desired transport needs with the demand for minimal intervention in nature.