Excellence Talk: A journey behind the scenes.

Luzern-Interlaken Express in Lungern

In the second episode, the spotlight is on the Luzern−Interlaken Express. But what is it that makes this journey an unforgettable one? Our reporters have the answers. 

Swiss Travel System takes a close behind the scenes of the Luzern−Interlaken Express in the second episode of Excellence Talk. And even our reporters, who are all employees of Swiss Travel System and very familiar with this panoramic train, learned a few new things along the way.

Accompany our reporters

Michelle and Danielle returned in awe after spending an exciting day in pristine weather conditions. Did you know that the Luzern-Interlaken Express runs hourly in both directions and that the views from the large windows include a set featured in a world-famous Netflix show that aired in 190 countries? Neither did we.

Our reporters couldn’t stop swooning about the emerald-coloured Lake Lungern. Who could blame them? The views are simply mesmerizing.

The panoramic journey is full of highlights. Literally. For example, the train switches to cogwheel mode to master the ascent to the Brünig Pass. At the top, an unexpected antique store offers all kinds of rare finds for sale.

Learn from the expert

But Excellence Talk offers more than beautiful views. In an interview with Stefan Pfister, Sales Director International for the Zentralbahn, viewers receive valuable sales tips and an outlook on product developments. Plus, we’ll reveal what guests value most about the Luzern−Interlaken Express and which seasons are especially spectacular.

For the grand finale, Swiss Travel System took a seat in what is arguably the most desirable seat: inside the train driver’s cabin, riding along for a stretch of this scenic route.

Moving stories and exciting news 

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