Grand Train Tour of Switzerland: New brand guidelines

Gotthard Panorama Express

As part of the further development of the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland (GTToS), the current brand positioning, as well as the existing logo and route guidance, have been modified.

The Grand Train Tour of Switzerland has combined the most beautiful panoramic routes in Switzerland into a unique route. For the further development of the popular brand the following changes have been made:

  • The brand appears in a fresher and more modern look. As the re-designed Grand Train Tour of Switzerland logo now more closely resembles the Grand Tour of Switzerland logo, the brands can complement each other and benefit from one another as equals.
  • The main route of Grand Train Tour of Switzerland was established in 2015. Now it has been modified to include partial routes and the option of extending or shortening the route. This way a guest can only select certain sections or shorten the round trip depending on how much time he/she has available.
  • For the worldwide and national marketing communication of GTToS, partner platforms that target trade and media, as well as end customers, will be used. Therefore, primarily platforms of communication and distribution partners, as well as of offer providers along the route, will be used.

Additional information for use of the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland brand elements (logo, map, key visual), the map (distance and length of the route), as well as suggested communication texts, can be found in the new Brand Manual.

Any questions?

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