Lost, found & delivered!

Lost, found & delivered!

This story starts with a wedding ring lost at Flüelen in Central Switzerland. Many kilometres farther south at Florence in Italy, it meets a happy ending – thanks to the dedicated efforts of both country’s train crews.

The steamer leaves Lucerne on the Gotthard Panorama Express journey. Onboard are Louis and his family from South Africa. After a three hours’ cruise, the visitors change to the panoramic train in Flüelen, where Louis spends a short time at the nearby playground with his two kids. It’s only when the train ride on the history-steeped Gotthard route has already started that he notices the missing wedding ring – lost at the playground. The tour guide of the Gotthard Panorama Express promises the guest to look for the ring the next day. Tension runs high but hope remains. And indeed: between her and the train conductor, who helps her with the search, they find the wedding ring.

Back onto the hand of the owner

And how does the ring find its way back onto the hand of the owner as quickly as possible? Is sending it by post reliable enough? The family is planning to stay near Florence for a few days. So, via the Elvetino dining car the tour guide sends the ring to Marco Stefanini, the Elvetino Sales Manager in Milano. From there, the precious find travels to the station Firenze Santa Maria Novella in the hands of Antonio, the barman in the “Frecciarossa” of the Trenitalia.

Louis is overjoyed to receive his wedding ring back. The next day, the whole family – without any losses – start on their homeward journey to South Africa. There, they will tell the wonderful story they lived through on public transport in Switzerland and Italy: a story of dedicated crew members – without frontiers.

Information about the Gotthard Panorama Express can be found here.