Swiss Travel System Ticket Range & Prices 2022

Swiss Travel Pass

The Swiss public transport industry is constantly analysing its product world and examines possibilities for improvement in national and incoming traffic. A balanced and fair adjustment of the product range is aimed at for the future. Here is a summary of what this means for the 2022 ticket range and prices.

Swiss public transport is being strengthened by a harmonised, needs-oriented product range at an attractive value-for-money ratio. The responsible public transport committees have therefore decided on the following changes in the STS ticket range as per 01 January 2022:

  • Price reduction for the Swiss Travel Pass and Swiss Travel Pass Flex 8 days and 15 days by an average of 20% (incl. net prices)
  • Introduction of a 6-day Swiss Travel Pass and Swiss Travel Pass Flex
  • Increase of discount on Youth Passes for young travellers from currently 15% to 30%. Due to the general price reduction for 8-day and 15-day passes, these Youth Passes see a massive discount. For example, an 8-day Swiss Travel Pass Youth in 2nd class costs CHF 276 instead of CHF 357 as of 2022.
  • Adjustment in eligibility for Youth Passes: Young travellers up to the age of 24.99 years are now eligible to obtain a Youth Pass (previously 25.99 years)
  • Waiver of the introduction of peak prices for the STS ticket range

Swiss Travel System AG is convinced that these price reduction as well as the introduction of a 6-day pass will have a positive effect on the public transport travel behaviour of international guests. Thanks to these encouraging impulses, the company is looking ahead to the coming year with confidence.