Our Team.

Meet the faces behind the Swiss Travel System AG. In order to get in touch, please send an email to any of us by using [email protected]. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Partner Management

“I represent our mandate givers and, together with my team, make sure that we can offer them added value on a daily basis.”

STS Mitarbeiter Portraits - Stefan Sutter

Stefan Sutter

CFO & CIO, Head of Partner Management,
Member of the Board

“I handle all matters in connection with our cooperation partners and ensure that they are always aware of the latest developments. I also oversee our corporate communications activities.”

STS Mitarbeiter Portrait - Michelle Kaelin

Michelle Kälin

Account Manager Partnerships

“Together with Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), I passionately develop the Gotthard Panorama Express and other tourism-related public transport products to market maturity and place them with precision in the defined markets on a large network.”

STS Mitarbeiter Portrait - Christoph Leu

Christoph Leu

Sales & Marketing Manager Gotthard Panorama Express

“I am happy to answer any questions regarding additional mandates, regional passes and advertising activities. Considering the goals and needs of our partners, the STS Market Manager and I optimize the activity plans for specific markets.”

Eliane Prescher - Swiss Travel System AG

Eliane Prescher

Account Manager Partnerships

Marketing Coordination

“My responsibility is to plan and coordinate all marketing activities according to the needs of our mandate givers. In this way, we ensure sustainable income for Swiss public transport.”

STS Mitarbeiter Portrait - Andreas Niederhauser

Andreas Niederhauser

Head of Marketing Coordination,
Member of the Board

“The easy way to the right ticket: when it comes to tickets, public transport products and solutions for international distribution, I get the train on the track.”

STS Mitarbeiter Portrait - Christian Bachofner

Christian Bachofner

Manager Product & Distribution

“I am passionate about planning and coordinating our worldwide media marketing activities. Getting key multipliers to report on the Swiss Travel System in a positive and inspiring manner is a job well done.”

Tanja Blumer - STS Mitarbeiter Portrait

Tanja Blumer

Manager Media Marketing

Philipp Schad

Philipp Schad

Manager Marketing Communication

“I plan and coordinate training and marketing communication together with our market managers for the global travel trade in order to promote the sales of public transport tickets and Swiss Travel Passes in all target markets.”

Melanie Brunner

Melanie Brunner

Manager Global Projects & Events

“Creativity, coordination, planning and a lot of experience in commercial sales: I need all of this every day in order to continuously optimize the sales processes and sales figures with our worldwide sales partners.”

STS Mitarbeiter Portraits - Thomas Hoffmann

Thomas Hoffmann

Manager Trade Accounts

“As a trainee in our Marketing Coordination team, I am at the heart of various trade and media activities. In this role, I primarily support my team with the planning and execution of media and study trips.”

Nadja Dauber STS Mitarbeiter Portrait

Nadja Däuber

Intern Marketing Communication

Marketing Production

“I am responsible for the «beautiful» every day and am responsible for style and design in our brand communication. I also manage our internal agency and, together with my team, take care of all content productions.”

STS Mitarbeiter Portrait - Nadia Ficer

Nadia Ficer

Head of Marketing Production
Art Director

“I am responsible for the user needs / experiences as well as the UI of existing and new projects. The conception, implementation and all information and interaction design of various platforms are also part of it.”

STS Mitarbeiter Portraits - David Edelmann

David Edelmann

UX/UI Designer

“The creation and production of media such as the sales manual, the Swiss Travel System Maps as well as publicity reports and advertisements are among my core activities.”

STS Mitarbeiter Portrait - Michael Kistler

Michael Kistler

Media Designer

“I develop channel-specific text content and am responsible for developing concepts and ideas for individual advertising media or entire campaigns. I am the contact person for all text content.”

STS AG - Wido James Kuhlemeier

Wido Kuhlemeier

Creative Content Editor

“I am responsible for our content management, and I ensure the media-appropriate publication across all communication channels. In addition, I oversee our social media channels.”

STS AG - Michelle Ramseier

Michelle Ramseier

Content Manager & Publisher

STS Mitarbeiter Portrait - Selina Moser

Selina Moser

Project Manager

“I advise our internal clients and plan the implementation of all marketing productions as well as trips, events and shootings.”

Gianluca Rossi STS Mitarbeiter Portrait

Gianluca Rossi

Project Manager

“I advise internal clients, coordinate with external partners and agencies and plan the implementation of cross-media marketing productions. Ensuring quality and fulfilling expectations and wishes are always my top priority.”

Joëlle Oberholzer

Project Manager

“It never gets boring during my internship: I support my team in their areas of social media and digital publishing through content management to the production of giveaways and brochures.”

Vera Gysi

Intern Marketing Production

Market Management

“My heart beats faster for the markets and my team. Together we actively work with all of our partners around the world in order to ensure a sustainable increase in earnings for public transport in Switzerland.”

STS Mitarbeiter Portrait - Fausto Zaina

Fausto Zaina

Head of Market Management

“My everyday life includes exciting tasks such as looking after incoming agents in Switzerland and setting up and looking after global accounts.”

STS Mitarbeiter Portrait - Nabil Bahous

Nabil Bahous

Global Key Account Manager, Incoming Switzerland & Sweden

“I am passionate about public transportation. In my role, I initiate, coordinate, and execute marketing activities related to the Swiss Travel System with an eye towards customer centricity.”

Jennyfer Cirignotta

Market Manager Italy, Spain, Brazil & Netherlands

“I am responsible for making public transport attractive to Indians traveling to Switzerland as the best means of transport. Together with the relevant partners, I carry out sales and marketing activities in India.”

Lyandra D'Souza

Lyandra D’Souza

Sales & Marketing Manager India (based in Mumbai)

“My core responsibilities include the planning, coordination, and execution of impactful marketing activities in Germany, Austria and France.”

Estelle Grassler STS employee portrait

Estelle Grassler

Market Manager Germany, France & Austria

“I support our overseas market managers wherever I can with a lot of passion. The intercultural, the versatility and the small and big successes inspire me every day.”

Danielle Hug

Danielle Hug

Coordination Manager Overseas Markets

“I carry the Swiss Travel System AG and Swiss public transport out into the wide world by working the overseas markets and supporting our clients and partners.”

STS -Mitarbeiter Portrait - Andreas Nef

Andreas Nef

Market Manager UK, South Korea, Australia, Japan & UAE

“My exciting tasks are to consistently convey the Swiss public transport system in all means of communication in Greater China, to launch appropriate media and, above all, social media stories.”

Nina Shi

Nina Shi

Sales & Marketing Manager Greater China (based in Beijing)

“I love public transport in Switzerland and I am actively committed in Greater China to ensure that we use the right trade activities to make the most of the huge potential in this exciting market.”

STS Mitarbeiter Portraits - Una Sun

Una Jing Sun

Sales & Marketing Manager Greater China (based in Beijing)

“Setting up, initiating, coordinating and implementing exciting public transport marketing activities in the German, Austrian and Benelux markets is among my core competencies.”

Rudy Wiratno

Sales & Marketing Manager South East Asia (based in Singapore)

“First of all, my job includes getting everybody excited about travelling Switzerland by train, bus and boat! Whether it’s travel trade, media work or consumer contact, I represent Swiss public transport and promote – and ultimately enable selling – the Swiss Travel System.”

Christelle Deillon

Sales & Marketing Manager North America (based in New York)