Our Partner Model

Our team is passionate about Swiss public transport. We promote it around the world, always looking to push the envelope. We are innovative, driven and passionate. To achieve our goals, we rely on strong and constructive partnerships. Without our partners, the Swiss Travel System wouldn’t be the powerful brand it is today.

We are happy to present our mandates and partner models in more detail.

Swiss public transport has entrusted us with two main mandates:

  • The worldwide marketing of Swiss public transport (Swiss Travel System)
  • Increasing cross-border travel to Switzerland

Additional mandates

Additional mandates allow us to offer a wide range of marketing activities that are optimally suited to the needs of our public transport partners. In addition, we emphasize our partner activities in our worldwide communication and execute market-specific measures that are highly results-oriented.

Regional Pass Mandates

Regional passes are not unlike the Swiss Travel Pass or the General Abonnement, but on a regional scale. Our team supports regions with marketing regional passes through communication that’s contemporary, innovative and goal-oriented.

Examples of regional pass mandates

Integration international distribution

Besides marketing, ensuring the proper distribution of products is essential. Our role extends to integrating the portfolio of our public transport partners within our worldwide distribution network, which is reflected in the sales documentation provided by STS.

Example from Sales Manual


We primarily cooperate with tourist destinations in Switzerland. We offer them the entire STS ticket range, thus allowing our partners to meet their needs to cover trade and media requests. In return, we benefit from marketing activities and multiplying effects.

Examples of destination marketing 

Advertising opportunities


We offer additional B2C and B2B advertising opportunities across our platforms. This could include advertisements or online banners. Partners are represented with their logo and corporate design. These partnerships are suited for public transport partners as well as tourist destination partners. 

Examples of ad partnerships