CabriO Stanserhorn

Map CabriO Stanserhorn

Enjoying the wind in one’s face and the perfect view: first on the open funicular – rumbling and bumping just as it did 120 years ago – and then on the rooftop deck of the futuristic CabriO aerial cableway.

Since 1893, the open wood coaches have been calmly travelling from Stans to the Stanserhorn peak. Starting at the intermediate station, the aerial cableway with its open roof deck is one of the main attractions. It is a truly amazing feeling to stand up there on the roof of the double-deck panorama cabin and experience up close the passage between the supporting masts, just enjoying the headwind and the magnificent view – without any cables overhead.

On the summit circular walk, visitors meet rangers who are happy to assist with identifying flowers and mountains. Halfway around, the marmots await – as well as the summit restaurant “Rondorama”, which revolves around its axis.

  • Altitude: 1,898 m a.s.l.
  • Arrival: Train from Lucerne to Stans, walkway to the valley station (5 min), funicular with open coaches to Kälti, change to CabriO up to Stanserhorn
  • Travel duration to summit: 24 min
  • Top Attractions:
    • Double-deck cableway CabriO with open-air upper deck
    • Railway experience: Luzern – Engelberg Express
    • Summit tour with Stanserhorn ranger
    • Power place with 22,000 measured Bovis energy units
    • Panoramic view onto 100 kilometres of the Alpine chain and 10 Swiss lakes
    • Rotating restaurant with local ingredients
  • Website: Stanserhorn