Arrival from France

Karte Internationale Anreise Frankreich

Travelling on the TGV Lyria combines French flair and Swiss quality: the “TGV Lyria” trains travel daily from Paris to Switzerland – in just three hours. Destinations that can be reached by direct connection include Zurich, Basel, Geneva and Lausanne.

Thanks to the three comfort classes STANDARD, STANDARD 1ère (First) and BUSINESS 1ère (First), TGV Lyria offers the perfect option for every need – whether with all-inclusive services such as a warm 3-course-menu at the seat or a smaller service at a more affordable price. Good to know: Seat reservation is required and automatically added when booking. Thus, all is set for a comfortable arrival. In no more than three to four hours, passengers reach their desired destination in Switzerland. TGV Lyria welcomes guests to its renewed two-story trainsets, which are more comfortable and equipped with wifi.

Direct connections Approximate travel time Times per day
Paris – Basel 3 h 05 min up to 6
Paris – Genève 3 h 10 min up to 8
Paris – Lausanne via Jura 3 h 40 min up to 3
Paris – Lausanne via Genève 3 h 55 min up to 3
Paris – Zürich 4 h 05 min up to 6
Marseille – Genève 3 h 45 min once (July & August only)

Lunch time on TGV Lyria