Complete or renew your Expert Diploma and win a trip to Switzerland.

By the end of October, five lucky winners can look forward to the grand prizea trip to Switzerland. There’s still some time left to complete any remaining courses and tests to earn valuable points within the Swiss Travel System Excellence Program and secure a spot among the top 50, thereby maintaining your chance to win the grand prize. 

What are the benefits of the Swiss Travel System Excellence Program?  

On the popular e-learning platform by Swiss Travel System AG, learners can effortlessly dive into the world of Swiss public transport. The program is primarily geared towards professionals in the travel industry who wish to learn more about the world’s most extensive public transport network. Armed with this additional knowledge, they can better advise their clients on all questions regarding travel in Switzerland by train, bus, and boat. 

The Swiss Travel System Excellence Program is divided into various modules and levels. Participants earn valuable points for every completed module. They can view their current standing on the leaderboard at any time and compete with other learners. At the end of each level, participants can demonstrate their expertise by taking a class. Those who pass the test receive a corresponding diploma. Upon completing all courses and tests, participants are awarded the Expert Diploma and additional points. 

Earn extra points with Excellence Talk. 

In 2022, the Swiss Travel System Excellence Program expanded to include Excellence Talk. This new format provides viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at selected transport companies. Here, too, participants can earn valuable points for the leaderboard. Especially in light of the grand prize drawing at the end of October 2023, this is an excellent opportunity to make significant progress. 

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