Excellence Talk: On the World’s slowest Express Train

Excellence Talk Glacier Express

The Glacier Express was the star of the fourth episode of Excellence Talk, and everyone involved was excited to be a part of the production.  

After finalizing the storyboards, Danielle Hug and Michelle Kälin set off to bring viewers the highlights along the stunning panoramic route in early May. With the weather gods on their side, Danielle started out in Zermatt, a camera capturing her every move. She then moved on to Visp, where she met up with a local wine producer whose wine is served on the Glacier Express. We know for a fact that Danielle did not leave empty handed. Danielle, if you are reading this, everyone at the office is still waiting for you to share that magnificent vintage with all of us!  

ET Behind the scenes - Johanneli Fi

A mystery is solved

On top of the Oberalp Pass, she ran into her colleague Michelle. What a coincidence, right? They part ways after enjoying a delicious picknick and, to our disappointment, the mystery of the missing wine bottle is solved. The Rhine Gorge is one of the most spectacular highlights along the route, and Michelle was right in the middle of this natural phenomenon that started to emerge more than 10,000 years ago.  

Upon arriving in Chur, she pays a visit to another supplier of the Glacier Express. Noteworthy about “Plankis” is the fact that they not only supply the Glacier Express with most dairy products but also offer people in challenging life situations with a place of work. A cause worth supporting. 

Naturally, a ride on the Glacier Express wouldn’t be complete without a shot of the Landwasser Viaduct. And again, Michelle delivers. A great end to fantastic coverage of lesser-known highlights along this panoramic route.  

ET Behind the scenes - Oberalppass

Insightful interviews

Just like every other episode of Excellence Talk, the studio situation was filmed on a separate day. While the correspondents are used to gorgeous weather, our studio hosts had to face icy temperatures last time around. But today, luck was on their side.  

Our hosts were accompanied by a whole team consisting of a film crew and representatives from Swiss Travel System AG, Glacier Express, Glacier Express Panoramic Gourmet AG and the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway. After setting up the equipment, getting the lights exactly right and taking care of last-minute issues, it was time to roll. After checking out the onboard infotainment system, lunch was served. And what lunch it was! Unfortunately, time was of the essence and a lot remained to be done. Interview partner Tim Uebersax, CEO of the Panoramic Gourmet AG, and Irma Reiner, Director of Markets and Sales gave interesting insights into the operations of the Glacier Express that will be relevant for everyone in the travel trade industry.  

Time perfectly, filming concluded as the train pulled into Brig station.  

The fourth episode of Excellence Talk was released on 14 June. It can be found within the Swiss Travel System Excellence Program. Definitely worth checking out! 

Excellence Talk Glacier Express Key Visual