Excellence Talk: James Bond for a Day at Schilthorn

STS Excellence Talk – Schilthorn

How does it feel to be a spy for a day? Watch the third episode of Excellence Talk and find out.

In the latest episode, our team heads to the Schilthorn, where defining moments of the 1960s James Bond classic “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” were filmed for the big screen. Because James Bond is inextricably linked to the Schilthorn, it’s also a recurring theme of our Excellence Talk.

The similarities are hard to miss, as our hosts went all out to mirror the typical Bond look. Naturally, nothing says Bond like a wild rescue mission. So viewers will get to see that, too. But those who know our Bond Girl off the set will know all too well that she doesn’t need saving. In fact, she might be the one to save Bond next time around.

Don’t know about Excellence Talk? The new format is a fixture of the Swiss Travel System Excellence Program. It has been created for travel industry professionals who want to expand their knowledge about the Swiss Travel System in a fun and educational manner.

STS Excellence Talk – Schilthorn


Passionate about the Swiss Travel System

A lot of time and effort goes into planning an edition of Excellence Talk. Preparations typically start several months in advance.

First, the focus areas are defined with the presenting partner, usually a Swiss public mobility partner. After the storyline has been set in stone, our reporters embark on a journey to bring our viewers selected highlights. For example, they will focus on a segment of a gorgeous route or shed light on a lesser-known point of interest along the way. As with every production, unforeseen events occur and are dealt with accordingly.

But some challenges are more severe than others. For example, missing a single connection could severely impact the tight shooting schedule. But luckily, the employees at Swiss Travel System AG know a thing or two about dealing with unforeseen events.

Did you know that STS AG employs all people who appear on camera? They are passionate about promoting the Swiss Travel System and are glad to do the same for Excellence Talk. When they’re not in front of the camera for Excellence Talk, they often work abroad in the case of our market managers or take care of partner requests.

Even the person behind the camera is an employee of STS. In his day job, he’s responsible for social media and publishing content on our digital channels. But when he accompanies our reporters, he ensures you enjoy great pictures and crystal-clear audio.

STS Excellence Talk – Schilthorn


Every minute counts

The anchors are filmed on a different day by an external film agency. They interview key partners and ensure a smooth transition between segments. Days usually start early in the morning with a trip to the mobility partner and end long after sunset, as with the Schilthorn.

Due to time constraints, every minute matters. The film occasionally uses drones to capture the rare but thrilling rescue mission you see on the Schilthorn. Despite the freezing cold and the long hours, the Schilthorn Cabelway’s hospitality and the incredible panorama put a smile on all involved.

The third episode of Excellence Talk about the Schilthorn Cableway premiered on 12 January within the Swiss Travel System Excellence Program. We hope you will enjoy it!

STS Excellence Talk – Schilthorn