Excellence Talk: This journey is full of surprises

Experience the Magic aboard the Gotthard Panorama Express.

The world has recently shifted its attention even more intently to the Gotthard panoramic route. With the closure of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, the world’s longest railway tunnel, all passenger trains will temporarily travel via this historic mountain route. The construction of the Gotthard Tunnel in 1882 stands as a monumental achievement in Swiss mobility history, allowing travelers to travel from the north to the south in comfort while saving precious time. But the Gotthard Panorama Express offers more than just a historical journey; combining train and boat, it transforms the experience into a world-renowned adventure! Dive deep into this mesmerizing experience in the latest episode of Excellence Talk.

Where is Andy?

In our special features, Andy and Danielle retrace the journey of the Gotthard Panorama Express, shedding light on hidden gems. With a dash of humor, they explore the diverse offering of the premium panoramic train. They capture their journey in the photo carriage, marvel at the Wassen Church that magically appears three times from different perspectives, and even share a moment beside the life-sized statue of Alfred Escher, who was instrumental to Swiss public transportation. But no adventure is complete without feeling a fresh breeze on your face, especially during a dreamy ride on Lake Lucerne. The roles in these humorous segments are crystal clear: Danielle orchestrates every move, while Andy indulges in pure enjoyment. Their playful antics are guaranteed to make you smile, but you be the judge.


Stay cool.

Recording a new episode of Excellence Talk always thrills our seasoned presenter duo. After a caffeine boost, the whole team sets off to shoot segments. As always, the Swiss Travel System AG team can count on a long-standing collaboration with Zurich-based film production agency Inbound Production GmbH, featuring Niels, Dominik, and Marc, as well as stylist Martina. While outside temperatures soar past 30 degrees Celsius, the superior cooling inside the Gotthard Panorama Express ensures comfort during even the most intense shoots. For Excellence Talk, the Gotthard Panorama Express will always be of special significance – after all, it’s this premium panoramic train where we shot the first episode’s hosting segments. We believe our hosts get better with every episode. What do you think?


Experience ultimate hospitality!

Guests are at the heart of the Gotthard Panorama Express. A dedicated team ensures that travellers are cared for in every aspect. René Flaim, who has been with the Gotthard Panorama Express since its inception, embodies this spirit of hospitality. You’ll catch a glimpse of him in the latest Excellence Talk episode, showcasing what makes this journey so unique. For him, the significance of the Gotthard Tunnel cannot be overstated—it revolutionized both passenger and freight transport across Europe. Living for years in the sunny pocket of Switzerland, he remains deeply connected to the region. This connection extends to the legendary “flag-waver,” who regularly greets guests of the Gotthard Panorama Express from his meadow in Switzerland. With intimate knowledge of every curve and tunnel, René’s charisma and expertise never fail to amaze travelers. For him, it’s not just about the historical places, but the sheer magic of the journey. His goal? To share that excitement with his guests and let them fall in love with this magical journey. With glowing success! The Gotthard Panorama Express remains an unforgettable experience.

Challenges are there to be overcome. 

Fun Fact: A shoot day without a hiccup would be rare, and this was no exception. The hosting segment was shot on the very day the Gotthard Base Tunnel closed for passenger and freight traffic. Yet, despite learning about train cancellations and enduring an hour’s delay in Zurich, spirits remained high. The Gotthard Panorama Express is not affected and will continue its journey on the historically significant panorama route as always. 

A heartfelt thank you from Swiss Travel System AG to the Gotthard Panorama Express team. We can’t wait for our next train and boat journey that remains unparalleled. 

The fifth episode of Excellence Talk was released on 13 September. It can be found within the Swiss Travel System Excellence Program. Definitely worth checking out!