Glacier Express claims top spot at the World Luxury Travel Awards.

Excellence Class - Glacier Express

At the 17th World Luxury Travel Awards, the Glacier Express wins the prestigious award in 2023 in the category «Train Tours». This award is a special honour and highlights the outstanding position of the Glacier Express in the field of train travel experiences. The World Luxury Travel Awards have been honouring first-class establishments in the luxury travel industry since 2019.

Glacier Express Excellence Class

The Glacier Express not only impresses with the many scenic highlights that the “slowest express train in the world” covers from glamorous St. Moritz to Zermatt. In Excellence Class, guests always enjoy a premium experience: in addition to guaranteed window seats and concierge service, guests are treated to an exclusive 5-course menu. The eight-hour journey becomes a feast for all senses.

A fixture of the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland.

This honour is a clear signal of the importance of the Glacier Express as part of the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland. The circular tour combines Switzerland’s most epic panoramic trains on one single route and allows travellers to experience Switzerland’s diversity and beauty in all its forms. Naturally, the Swiss Travel Pass is also valid on the Glacier Express.