Switzerland is home to the world’s most beautiful train.

GoldenPass Express in Schönried

The prestigious magazine National Geographic named the GoldenPass Express the world’s most beautiful train. This award is a huge honour and firmly establishes the train at the top of a category whose international competition is nothing short of astounding.

The GoldenPass Express is a technical masterpiece and offers a new level of comfort. The train trajectory leads guests from Montreux to Interlaken, past picturesque landscapes, making for a travel experience that is second to none.


GoldenPass Express runs again from Montreux to Interlaken

Scotsman Royal trails GoldenPass Express.

The significance of this distinction becomes even more evident when looking at the competition. Train such as the Royal Scotsman with its tweed-adorned salon wagon interior figure on the list that was compiled by National Geographic. The Vietage in Vietnam, which traverses Asia’s breathtaking coastal landscape is also among the contenders, just like the Japanese SPACIA X, renowned for fusing state-of-the art technology with traditional elegance. Naturally, the historic Venice-Simplon-Orient-Express hailing from France and Italy’s glamorous Orient Express La Dolce Vita also made the list.

Swiss feat of engineering.

One feature that sets the GoldenPass Express apart from its competitors comes in the form of adjustable bogies, which allow the train to adapt to tracks of different widths in a matter of seconds and without changing the rolling stock. Furthermore, the design that was dreamed up by Pirifarina is a testament to Swiss precision and Italian elegance.

Further highlights include large panoramic windows that offer stunning views and the intricately appointed interior, exuding an air of luxury. The onboard gourmet experience will satisfy even those with discerning travellers. The GoldenPass offers three classes of services. Besides a 1st and 2nd class, guests can also book a seat in the exclusive “Prestige” coach, which makes for a further elevated and more comfortable travel experience.


Interieur travel class Prestige in the GoldenPass Express.

A fixture of the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland.

The distinction bestowed on the GoldenPass Express by the National Geographic also says a lot about its role as a part of the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland. The circular tour combines Switzerland’s most epic panoramic trains on one single route and allows travellers to experience Switzerland’s diversity and beauty in all its forms. Naturally, the Swiss Travel Pass is also valid on the GoldenPass Panoramic train.