Swisstainable: Swiss Travel System AG reaches Level 1

Lago di Saosee - Copyright Switzerland Tourism

Swiss Travel System AG wants to set an example by joining Switzerland Tourism’s “Swisstainable” program this year, which aims to promote sustainable tourism.  

As the principal marketing agency for the Swiss Travel System, we’re proud to further the interests of our mobility partners abroad. Collectively, public transportation is one of the most sustainable ways to move around when compared to other forms of mobility.

Swisstainable LogoWhile certain transport partners have already been awarded the highest distinction within the “Swisstainable” program for their achievements in the field of sustainability, others are only just getting started.

By getting involved, we’d like to encourage all our partners to join the “Swisstainable” movement and stand firmly for a tourism industry dedicated to becoming ever more mindful of the environment.

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