Review: Swiss Travel Pass Promotion


Switzerland Tourism’s most successful campaign to date put the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland in the limelight. The star-studded clips, which were even featured on Times Square, reached a global audience, and continue to get clicks and likes on social media. The accompanying Swiss Travel Pass promotion, however, launched by Swiss Travel System AG, concluded on 14 May 2023.  Time to put things into perspective.  

The spring campaign of Swiss Travel System AG was a success on all fronts. Passes were in high demand, and previous sales had never reached these numbers within a one-month period. From the start of the promotion on 15 April until its conclusion on 14 May 2023, sales clocked in at more than 51,000 passes. The benefits were clear from the start. Those who purchased a Swiss Travel Pass (4 days) received a complimentary travel day on top, while two extra days were offered to those opting for a Swiss Travel Pass (8 days). Unsurprisingly, demand was high.  

These countries saw the most sales.  

The “free travel days” promotion was available worldwide, and its success is primarily due to the relentless efforts of our distribution partners. As in previous years, selected markets stood out in terms of sales, with overseas markets seeing the most. Care to guess which markets recorded the most revenue? If India, the USA, and South Korea were at the top of your list, you’re right on the money. As can be seen from the chart, India sold the most passes. But when looking solely at the revenue generated, it is evident that in the USA the more expensive Swiss Travel Pass 8+2 proved twice as popular than the lower-priced Swiss Travel Pass (4+1). In comparison, the sales figures for the two promotional passes appear more balanced in India.  

STP Promo_Gesamtabsatz in Stück_EN

And how did the promotion do in Europe? Very well, in fact. However, only the United Kingdom is represented among the top ten markets in terms of revenue.  

Bags are packed, let the adventure begin.    

53 percent of travellers who purchased the 4+1 Swiss Travel Pass opted to start their journey in April or May 2023. At 49 percent, the figures are slightly lower for those with a Swiss Travel Pass (8+2). 20 percent embark on the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland in June of this year. Those remaining took advantage of the six-month booking period and will travel to Switzerland later this year. 

 STP Promo_Verteilung der Gültigkeiten 4+1_EN     STP Promo_Verteilung der Gültigkeiten 4+1_EN

Despite the promotion’s success, there is no reason to believe that it will lead to a drop in sales or otherwise negatively impact the busy summer season. In fact, the heightened demand strengthens tourism during the historically less busy pre-season.   

Emphasis on sustainable travel experiences.  

The spring promotion was the largest since the foundation of Swiss Travel System AG. The offer appealed to people planning an extended stay in Switzerland as well as to those with limited time on their hands. The success of the Swiss Travel Pass Promotion was magnified by Switzerland Tourism’s campaign, which starred world-renowned Roger Federer and Trevor Noah, with both campaigns running simultaneously. Switzerland Tourism’s campaign zeroed in on sustainable travel and did so in a charming way. To date, the short clip has been viewed over 80 million times – a record!  

The slogan “stay longer” is as relevant as ever. These days, more and more people are re-considering their travel behaviour and will oftentimes prefer to stay longer at one destination rather than visit dozens of European cities in a single trip. One thing is for sure: Switzerland’s beauty is virtually endless. And in ten days or more, visitors can see more and get a better sense of the country’s culture than they would with less time on their hands.  

We’d like to thank Switzerland Tourism and all partners, who have contributed to the promotion’s success.