Restaurants open for business in autumn of 2024

Culinary delights on Glacier 3000
This autumn, the new panoramic restaurant “Botta” welcomes hungry guests. Named after the star architect Mario Botta, this restaurant on Glacier 3000 boasts generous dimensions and a warm atmosphere. But culinary delights are also available at the new restaurant “Le 3”. Here, guests can view the menu directly on their mobile device and and place their orders directly on their mobile devices – easy.

A 250 square metre panoramic terrace awaits guests on the roof, offering breathtaking views of the famous “Peak Walk by Tissot” and the Matterhorn. Each year, thousands of guests from all over the world travel aboard the state-of-the-art cableway to the top of Glacier 3000, hoping for spectacular weather.

Here, sunny weather actually benefits the environment. Glacier 3000 has installed 600 solar panels on the outside of the facade: they generate enough power to cover most of their energy needs.

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